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Empowering organizations to build, maintain and upgrade their infrastructure through Automation and AI.

& Story

Despite being filled with an abundance of ingenuity and skill, the structural engineering industry has been burdened with age-old technology, limited by certain pieces of founding software infrastructure over the last 30 years that lay waste to productive solution-building processes with a deluge of unorganized, time-consuming and repetitive manual work. While these founding pieces may have advanced the industry to new standards at the time, there has been a growing sentiment among engineers for further advancement within their profession.

In response to this growing sentiment, a small team of professional engineers collaborated with expert software developers to give creation to Inorsa. Built for engineers by engineers, Inorsa takes care of the most time-consuming, redundant, repetitive tasks, in a highly organized and standardized fashion, so engineers can focus on what’s important.

While first focused on verticals that involve similar deliverables like telecommunications, solar, and EV charging, Inorsa is only at the very beginning of its journey to serve the engineering community. With a dedication and commitment to the engineers we serve, Inorsa will continue to refine its platform further to ensure the success and satisfaction of its customers.

Powerful Automation, Endless Possibilities.

See how Automation and AI can improve quality of your deliverables and become a revenue accelerator engine for your team!

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