As one of fast-growing automation solutions in the US, Inorsa is on a mission to help organizations build, maintain and upgrade their infrastructure through automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Offering a drastically improved, scalable, quality-of-life solution for engineers and drafters, Inorsa removes human error while converting task metrics from days to minutes. 100% data accurate, near-complete construction drawings, and standardized documentation can be achieved at lightning speed and fraction of the cost.

Engineers and drafters love Inorsa for automating the unwanted parts of their workflow.

Project managers and site owners love Inorsa for facilitating lower costs while expediting project timelines.

Used extensively by Site Acquisition, A&E and Construction firms working on Telecom, Solar and EV charging deployments, customers derive quantified benefits including 2x+ speed, 70%+ accuracy, and 30%+ savings.


Benefits of Inorsa

Lowering the cost of ownership for the engineering community, customers benefit from the speed, quality and efficiency of our automation platform.

Streamline Work.

Produce More, Faster

Zero-training software to allow engineers and drafters to streamline their work while producing drawings and structural analyses in a matter of minutes versus hours.

Boost Quality.

Do More, Better

Our automated, quality control platform checks and verifies all documents to guarantee 100% accuracy, enabling improved productivity with greater confidence.

Accelerate Revenue.

Earn More, Smarter

By leveraging the benefits of automation, Inorsa’s customers benefit from 30%+ in cost savings, not to mention the improved quality of life (and retention rate) for their greatest assets (the engineers).


One stop shop for speed, accuracy and cost savings.


Create 100% data accurate, near-complete drawings as a career companion for drafters and engineers

Use Cases:
  • Macro Modifications
  • Small Cells
  • Fiber
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Solar Farms


Secure detailed and on-demand Loading tables, Mount & Pole analyses, and PE letters compatible with RISA, STAAD Pro and Ocalc

Use Cases:
  • Tower Analysis
  • Mount Analysis
  • Pole Load Analysis
  • Solar Design

Quality Control

Validate and quality control Construction Drawings, Structural Analysis, RFDS, and other design documents and automatically generate reports

Use Cases:
  • Engineering Review
  • Notice to Proceed Review
  • Constructibility Review
  • Rigging Plans
  • Bill of Materials and Estimates

Powerful Automation, Endless Possibilities.

See how Automation and AI can improve quality of your deliverables and become a revenue accelerator engine for your team!

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