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Successful Projects

Small cell drawings signed by our engineers.

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Review Rate

Cities have been approving most of our drawings before the second review round.

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Built With Minimal Field Issues

Compared to 85 percent average.

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Cost Savings

What our clients save using us for engineering, compared to prior staffing model.

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5G/ Small Cell Drawings

Detailed, clear and code compliance construction drawings, in accordance with jurisdictional requirements.

Pole Load Analysis

Full load analysis, reports and PE letters to determine the feasibility of additional loads to existing or new utility poles.

Site Survey

Site survey sheets of above the ground utilities for permitting offices to show our construction drawings follow the distance requirements.

Traffic Control Plans

Efficient and code compiled traffic control plans to assure the construction process can be done efficiently while keeping public safety in mind.


Accurately before and after demonstration of before and after installation

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