Why us?

  • We assist telecommunication service companies along the way to scale and produce high quality work to meet their customer demands, have drawings readily approved and scale fast in the most competitive 5G markets.
  • Our experienced team provides your site acquisition and RF teams with top site selection methodologies and guidelines to hone pre-construction and production.
  • Our construction drawings make it easier for jurisdictions to understand why this was the chosen how location for pole location and antenna installation based on local and engineering codes. While ensuring pole installations are not put in a place that effects other structures and underground utilities or other issues easily missed.

Detailed 5G Construction Drawings

Clear and code-compliance construction drawings, in accordance with jurisdictional requirements with structural, civil and electrical components.

Pole Load Analysis

Full load analysis, reports and PE letters to determine the feasibility of additional loads to utility poles.

Site Survey

Site survey sheets of above ground utilities affirming permitting offices our construction drawings follow distance requirements.

Traffic Control Plans

Clear traffic control plans to assure the construction process can be done efficiently while keeping public safety in mind.


Accurately representation of before and after installation.

Other Services

Site selection; location feasibility; candidate selection; power coordination report; permitting; structural analysis; macro cell drawings.


See why telecom companies love us

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