Five to Ten Year Plans for 5G Implementation

Five to Ten Year Plans for 5G Implementation: What the US Can Expect   According to a McKinsey report from 2020 titled “Connected world: An evolution in connectivity beyond the 5G revolution” the installations of 5G will cover 25% of the world’s population by 2030. It notes most of this coverage will be located in wealthier areas in the U.S., Europe, and China. The cost for such an endeavor? A staggering $700 to $900 billion, according to the report.  Where [...]

5G Deployment Best Practices

Five 5G Deployment Issues and Potential Solutions for Telecom Service Providers Widespread deployment of 5G brings with it the promise of a network of connectivity with greatly improved latency and downtime. To reach full 5G capabilities, telecom service providers would be required to reach enough density to monetize the network by installing 5,000 to 20,000 5G small cells in every major city within the next five to ten years. This brings the network much closer to mobile phones and every [...]


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